The Master Plan

Lighthouse Coast Master Plan
Seven million square feet have been given the go ahead for mixed-use development under the PAD approval received by City Services from the Cayman Islands Government. The PAD permits the development of hotels, commercial and retail opportunities and residential properties including assisted living accommodations – all of which will be designed to service the needs of Health City workers, patients, as well as their families and guests.

The development is centred on two main arterial roads – a North-South Boulevard that provides the only access road to the hospital facilities from the main Seaview Road and an East-West avenue that forms the hub of the Town centre.

The main East-West avenue is heavily serviced with all of the infrastructure necessary to support the multitude of uses within the plan. It also provides access to the residential roads that further encircle Health City.

Approved development density is as high as possible in Grand Cayman with a relaxation toward the outer boundaries of the PAD where parks, lakes and low-density housing form a buffer between the town center and lower density surrounding areas.