In keeping with the ethos of Health City, Lighthouse Coast developers will strive to embrace environmentally sound green practices in all aspects of the project’s development.


Local Flora

Lush local vegetation will be incorporated into each zone, with particular attention to community space. Mature vegetation that can be extracted during site preparation will be planted in surrounding areas providing a buffer to adjoining properties as well as acting as a nursery of indigenous vegetation for reuse throughout the project.


Salt Water Air Conditioning (SWAC)

SWAC system is a bespoke environmentally sound method of using seawater to cool air. This system has been integrated into the Lighthouse Coast master plan. Detailed design and feasibility studies indicate that cold seawater can be used to provide the development with efficient cooling systems, cutting energy consumption by up to 50%.


Solar Power

With year-round sun exposure, solar powered and energy efficient systems have been proposed for use throughout the city. The site is well oriented for solar arrays with complimentary design and materials selected for surrounding areas.


Grey Water Distribution

Grey water from the project’s sewage facility will be distributed back to the site via a central irrigation system to keep landscape maintenance costs down and ensure lush landscape. The re-use of grey water reduces the need for increasingly scarce and expensive fresh water.


Storm Water Management

The natural drainage of the site will be conserved as much as possible – a portion of the collected storm water will be stored and used within irrigation and non-potable water systems.


Natural Light and Ventilation

Incorporating good design principles that emphasize natural light and ventilation will be at the core of all properties being developed. The orientation of the main avenue through Lighthouse Coast takes advantage of prevailing winds and the sun path for maximizing natural light.