Development Zoning, Infrastructure and Design

Upon completion, Health City will have up to ten thousand employees and two thousand patients at any given time.

Lighthouse Coast will be specially created to cater to their evolving individual needs, on multiple levels.
The Lighthouse Coast PAD has been zoned for different uses, creating a vast wealth of investment opportunities over a broad range of development types. With over seven million square feet of developable mixed-use space available, it will be home to thousands of residents and all the conveniences of a sophisticated modern city.

Incorporating many of the concepts of new urbanism, Lighthouse Coast designers are creating a community that embraces walkability with pedestrian-friendly streets, a mix of uses, and diverse neighborhoods, all with quality architecture and urban design.



Many ocean front parcels are available for the construction of hotels along with condominiums, apartments and retail outlets. Two perfectly situated hotel sites with the best views have been integrated into the design of these zones.


Office Space

Ample office and car parking space will be available for businesses such as legal, accounting, insurance, real estate and others that would like to relocate to a more spacious and less congested location with additional benefits.



40 acres of residential space have been approved for Lighthouse Coast. Accommodation will include luxury, oceanfront condominiums, city-style urban apartments, and affordable one and two bed apartments as well as single family homes and multi-family residences.


Commercial Retail

45.7 acres have been approved for commercial development. Commercial areas include mixed-use complexes creating a modern functioning location that mixes work, rest and play for its patrons. Opportunities include bars, gas stations, restaurants, coffee shops, supermarkets, banks and many other businesses.


Community Space

33.6 acres have been designated as community space. The developers believe that establishing generous community space will greatly enhance the living and working conditions of residents and employees of Health City, as well as create a more aesthetically pleasing location for patients to recuperate. Broad opportunities for development include parks, playing fields, plazas, lakes and public recreational structures.