michael-allen-photoWith master plans for this development and Health City now approved by the Cayman Islands Government, the developers recognize their opportunity to create a new community that provides the best design elements from the ground up.

The approved Lighthouse Coast master plan sets in place specific regulations including building setbacks, building heights and site densities that are development friendly and embrace the design of a town that will focus on health and wellness. Creating a relaxed urban community that enjoys a high quality of life is the key design focus for all development at Lighthouse Coast.


A modern tropical architectural style with roots in Caribbean proportions allows the project to integrate with its surroundings while maximizing all the benefits of its own unique new urbanist master planning design principles.

One and a half story ground level spaces, deep eave overhangs, shaded ground level walkways, shutters and shade structures with protruding balconies, as well as a mix of exterior materials like siding, Cayman rock, metal roofs are all part of the proposed architectural design language.

Higher density space will surround the town center with building height and density reducing further out – closer to the development boundaries – leading to a buffer of community open space with parks and lakes separating the development and adjoining parcels of land.

Good design principles that emphasize natural light and ventilation are at the core of all properties being developed within the master plan. Not only is this considered good practice by the developers, it also goes hand in hand with the concept of Health City and its associated healthy environment.

Landscape on each of the main roads is native, with lush central reservations providing pedestrian areas between both sides of the main roads as well as increasingly shaded roadways as the vegetation matures.