About Lighthouse Coast

lighthouseLighthouse Coast surrounds the world-class medical facility to form a community spanning just over 130 acres – the future home of the thousands of Health City employees with residential and hotel facilities for patients enjoying the warm Cayman sunshine as they recuperate.

Situated at the Eastern end of Grand Cayman, this new community enjoys a peaceful and secluded location with unparalleled vistas of the Caribbean Sea along its Southern coastline.

Based upon the principles of health and wellness, the master plan was approved by the Cayman Islands Government at the same time as the Health City master plan to provide the supporting infrastructure and development.

Lighthouse Coast encircles Health City with the required commercial offices, retail centers, hotels, gas stations, grocery stores and residences needed to support visiting patients, their families as well as people working in Health City.

The first phase of design includes a 140,000 square foot mixed use development on a prime corner of the entrance to Health City. This development will be completed in early 2014.